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Ana Allen

Fatima Benge

Fatima Benge


I have a joint BA in international studies and business administration, a Texas teacher certification, a Bikram yoga teacher certification, Zumba and Strong by Zumba certification.  

I stepped into a hot yoga class in 2007, through my sister's recommendation, and it was love at first sweat! In 2013 I attended Bikram College of India.

I have now been teaching hot yoga for 7 years and loving every second in the hot room. I am passionate about showing  kindness, compassion, and informing clients that yoga is for everyone. I believe that Yoga will meet you where you are and transform your entire mindset, physical body, and life. 

Outside the yoga classroom, I am also a middle school teacher where I get to empower young minds academically. I love to travel, experience new adventures, meet new people, and immerse myself in other cultures.

I am living out my dreams one day at a time! I feel truly blessed that my life has been a series of serendipitous events that led me to where I am today! A place where I can inspire and support so many people to be their very best. 

Fatima Benge

Fatima Benge

Fatima Benge


 Fatima has over 26 years of diversified experience in the oil and gas industry with a variety of leadership roles.  She is also a fledgling entrepreneur and business owner of FCS International, and vice-president of ANUSBA, the Angola-U.S. Business Association. 


Two years ago, Fátima decided to change careers by moving from the Corporate (busy and stressful life) to a more fulfilling and happy life and became a Certified Pilates Instructor. 

Now, to consolidate her transition to the health and fitness industry, she is taking the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Professional Training program at Lifetime Academy. Plus attending a number of seminars including the Anatomy Cadaver Experience for Yogis at the Texas Chiropractic College. 

Fátima earned a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, and she also holds a MSc in Water and Environmental Management.  Prior to joining BP, Fatima was employed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as a water and environmental sanitation project officer.  

A certified Pilate’s instructor, she is married and lives in Houston, Texas. Their daughter is the Angolan singer/songwriter – Jacira.

Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth Watts



On a weight loss mission, I decided to try yoga in the next town. Years of practicing led me to hatha yoga training. 

After teaching for years, I wanted to practice something different. I tried a Bikram class in Kitchener, Ontario. I loved that I was sweating in class right from the start!! Everyone at the studio was great and I loved regularly attending so I decided I wanted to teach it too. I took training November 2012. It was tough but I did it and was awarded the Flower Petal Blooming award. 

I’ve had experience helping people with head injuries and I have seen how yoga calms minds, stretches and strengthens bodies, and gives a whole clean feeling. I love seeing people walking on air and feeling super after class. 

I know yoga makes me feel great so I hope my teaching can help others feel as great as me if not better!


Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth Watts


I am certified in dance therapy and Zumba.

I was born in Venezuela, and I have lived in Houston Texas for three years. I have taught dance therapy for five years and became Zumba certified in 2017. 

I love what I do, and I am grateful to God for providing me the wonderful opportunity to do what I am most passionate about, dance. I feel extremely happy, because every day I give the best part of me to teach my students that they too can give the very best of themselves.